Saturday, 3 September 2016

Whitney Lakes Prov'l Park

Mum and Dad are scurrying around loading up the trailer. We are going camping! We ended up at Ross Lake - part of the Whitney Lakes Prov'l Park. Our site was quite nice - lots of space for lazing around. There was grassy parts that had good mouse-hunting potential.

There were some really nice trails so we went for lots of walks. There were times when I got tired and needed to rest. Sometimes I pretend to smell every leaf so I can have extra rest time. :) My legs are short!

An inquisitive squirrel.

Look at me being so brave crossing this wooden bridge. 

According to Mum and Dad the lake was quite nice  - reasonably warm for swimming but a little murky. There were lots of power boats with people tubing or knee-boarding.

 Mum and Dad left me in the trailer when they went to see Fort George and Buckingham House. These were competing trading posts for the Northwest Trading Company and the Hudson's Bay Company. They were only active for four or five years. There is not much left of them now.

 After 4 days it was time to go home. Mum and Dad liked the campsite but were not very pleased with the maintenance - especially in the washrooms.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

My toys

These are some of my favourite toys.

Sometimes it is all about the box!

The candy cane and the elf I got for my first Christmas with Mum and Dad. Sadly I destroyed my elf when I was left alone this past Christmas. I still have the fish and the candy can tho'.

This is my absolute favourite toy. Dad gave this to me the first week I was in my new home - 2 1/2 years ago now. I like the sound that it makes. Sometimes it gets lost (or hidden - according to Mum) under the washing machine, a bookshelf or behind the cellar door. It is great fun watching Mum crawl around looking for my lost ring. She now only brings it out once in a while for me.

or the bag!


Hallowe'en is scary - even with Mum holding me :)

Monday, 5 October 2015

Camping season is over

October 4

Well, it looks like the trailer is all packed up for the winter. All the camping equipment has been stored away. Even my little travelling bag has been stored with the rest of the gear.

Can you see me?????
 Fall certain has some advantages. My colouring makes good camouflage.

It is time for rest and relaxation. I am dreaming about all the fun I had this year. I wonder what Mum and Dad have planned for next year.

I will update any new adventures that I have.

Clear Lake Float Fly

Thursday, September 17 to Sunday, September 20

Trailer is all packed up and we are ready to go. Lots of planes - all on floats so we must be going to a lake. This should be fun - lots of walks, trees to climb, and people to visit. Dad got a new battery for the trailer so we should all be toasty and warm at night.

Once we were past the point of no return Mum realised that she had left the stuffing for the potluck dinner in the freezer at home. We had to make a detour into Barrhead to get new fixings. The new  stuffing did turn out better than the batch at home. She had lots of compliments and lots of good laughs! 

Clear Lake Beach. The water level has really dropped since July.
The lake looks really nice but it is quite shallow with lots of weeds. It made flying difficult - hard to get past the weeds for take-off. Plus the motor on the recovery boat was too big. Poor J Q had to use his kayak to rescue the planes that didn't land quite right.

The ducks and geese are gathering. Dad says the geese a practising for their flight south. He says the honking sounds like the cadence chant from his militia days: "left, left, left, right, left".

Where is that squirrel?

The squirrels were very active. Getting ready for winter hibernation. The bold ones got very close to the trailer and my nose! I am pretty fast but not fast enough to catch a squirrel,. Mum says that is a good thing - they bite back.
I think I could climb this one.

Table all set up for the wrap-up dinner.
Deep fried turkey with all the trimmings.

There was a mock wedding ceremony for Cash (a maltese/yorkie cross) and Maddie. They both wore charming outfits. The wedding songs were "Who let the dogs out", "You're nothing but a hound dog" (for Cash) and "They call it puppy love" for Maddie.

R acted as minister and gave a very nice blessing for the meal. One of the company has been in palliative care for the last few weeks and R had special words for her and her family.

According to Mum and Dad supper was excellent. It was a great way to wrap up the flying year. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

What happens at B's stays at B's

Thursday, September 3 to Sunday, September 6

It was a cold and rainy and windy day - oops that sounds like a start to one of Mum's books. Well it was cold and wet but there seemed to be a lot of traffic between the house and trailer. I am not really sure because I was locked in the bedroom! When I was finally allowed out there was planes all set up in the truck - must be we are going on a flying weekend.

All my favourite doggie friends were there - actually all the dogs were there. One of the participants calls these events Rusty and Friends because I am they only cat. Well, there is one other cat but he is shy and stays mostly in his trailer. One of the dogs got really excited about seeing me and needed to be disciplined - a light paw on his forehead brought him into line.

It is a nice place to find lots of hunting spots - the pond, the fields, and the woods. I did manage to get a mouse trapped under the truck but Mum seems to think I need to let my mouse go! But there were still a few dragonflies and grasshoppers to be devoured.
What is in this pond?

This stump gives me a good perspective for mouse hunting.
The woodpile has good potential

 It was a little nippy at night. Sadly our battery was failing. We had enough juice to warm up the trailer at bedtime and and in the morning. Dad drove all the way home to pick up the generator and a new battery. He was able to charge up the battery but the generator failed. Although the rest of the weekend was very wet and rainy we were warm enough in the trailer.

Not much flying was done - too rainy and windy. The campfires were fun. And the wrap-up dinner was scrumptious - according to Mum and Dad. Pets at dinner are prohibited :).

Dad's fleet

J G deep frying turkeys

Tables all set up for the dinner.